Another World in the Dark series


Another World in the Dark

Georgetown Festival, Penang


Public outdoor installations Projection mapping
3 Video sequences 2mins



After making making ‘perpetual motion’, came this body of work started. Using the video medium for its best properties and combining them with ideas and methodologies borrowed from classic Iconography, Gabriel began a series of outdoor projections in two separate locations for his ‘Another World in the Dark” project as part of Penangs’ Georgetown Festival 2016′

Gabriel’s primary aim was to start to re introduce this classic way of embodying narrative around building a new symbolic language.

Curiosity and commitment to engage once again is what is needed for this work to become interpreted by audience members, and without that spark of curiosity, audience members can potentially remain feeling underwhelmed.

Hundreds of years ago when the majority of the population were predominantly illiterate, this was the primary means of communication. An old language behind iconography once stood which presented images which audiences were required to think about. By taking symbols, interpreting their meanings with the surrounding composition audience members were engaged in decrypting messages or ideas. 

A snake traditionally could be a used as a deceitful evil symbol, or a a symbol of wisdom and cunningness; if to be used positively for example.

Well known artworks Nemesis and Melancholia by Durer, are infused with narrative to be interpreted by the onlooker.  Historians have interpreted and re – interpreted the meanings behind some of his works for centuries, creating an aura of mystery and curiosity about the artist’s intention.  

This is the kind of interaction between artist and audience which seems to be so absent in our contemporary environment which Gabriel wishes to re-kindle.

Without questioning and curiosity, there can not be new developments in our ways of thinking – as art from the Enlightenment period aimed to do.

If not to provoke thinking and understanding, what has become of the role of the artist today?

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