Perpetual Motion


Perpetual Motion

9 monitors arranged in an out- ward facing circle
3 subjects explored through staggered intervals via each monitor

9 di erent lms interpret each subject
9 seconds in length
27 videos

A place void of boundaries, Perpetual Motion appeals to the space out- side of our human understanding of time.

Gabriel creates a voyeuristic platform to observe a sequence of images via video installation, digitally looped tapestries of dream-like perspec- tives in motion. Accepted interpretations of ‘reality’ and ‘time’ are brought into question, confronting the viewer with moments of recognition, sharply contrasted with abstract confusion.

An exploration of portraiture in its purest sense; Gabriel explores the space between photography, lm and painting. Beyond still life, his moments are manipulated to twitch and breathe as we come to realise their incarceration within the everlasting cycle …a living ‘moment’ with no discernible beginning, middle or end

Through Gabriel’s lens, these otherwise unremarkable moments be- come immortal.


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